What is Free to Guest TV?

Free to Guest Television means that you guests don’t pay anything to watch quality programming while patronizing your facilities. This is opposed to something like the pay per view model, where they are incurring additional fees. Guests have come to expect a high level of programming and CIT Free to Guest TV is a simple low cost way to provide the best quality product for your guests at a low cost to your business.

Can you meet my franchise branding requirements?

Yes. CIT Free to Guest TV can meet any commercial branding requirements and can supply and channels that you wish to provide for your guests.

What are Off-Air HDTV Channels?

Off-Air HDTV Channels are channels are free HDTV channels that are broadcast and received by antenna. CIT Free to Guest TV can install the equipment necessary to bring these free channels to an unlimited number of rooms with no monthly fee. This is a great low cost way to expand your channel offerings.

What areas does CIT Free to Guest TV service?

We currently service Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC., but please feel free to call us with special requests.

How can Free to Guest TV benefit my customers? 

CIT Free to Guest TV is allows you to provide the quality hi-def programming for your customers at a price that’s right for you. Instead of irritating extra pay per view fees, your guests feel like they are taken care of. Free to Guest TV is a simple, cost effective method to provide top notch programming that today’s consumers have come to expect.

What out of pocket expenses an I expect?

The Basic Channel Package starts at $2.49 per room/ per month. Any channel you’d like to customize it with can be added from there and there are several Premium Channel Packages to consider as well. To expand your channel offerings at a low price point you’ll also want to consider adding equipment to utilize Off-Air HDTV channels. This is one time installation fee, and completely free to unlimited rooms after the equipment is in place. We will customize a comprehensive plan to meet your business needs.

What kind of Technical Support do you offer? 

Everything CIT Free to Guest TV installs or provides is guaranteed for 1 year and we provide 24 hr technical support indefinitely at no extra cost.