CIT Free to Guest TV can provide your guests with basic and premium tv channels more cost effectively than cable. Premium channels like HBO, Showtime, ESPN, international channels and children’s programming can all be added to our Basic Channel Package. We can meet any franchise branding requirements and provide unlimited hi def and standard def channels.

Basic Channel Packages starting at $2.49 per room/ per month (Includes 40 channels)

We also install equipment to utilize free HDTV off-air channels. (The number of channels available will vary by market) Packages to install an antenna to take advantage of this free programing start at $2,500. After installation of equipment there are no further monthly costs and no per room fee. This is a great add-on to our Basic Package to maximize your channel offerings.

CIT Free to Guest TV can supply Samsung, LG and RCA pro:idum televisions.

We offer competitive pricing and 24 hour technical support at no additional cost.

CIT Free to Guest TV can provide full service consulting for your business.

We do repair work on cabling and tv systems. CIT Free to Guest TV has extensive experience in both modern and historic buildings which can be more challenging to wire.

Call us today for a free survey and let us customize a plan to best meet your business needs.